Abrias Innovative Answer

2 juni 2010 - bruine Merrie, 31.75"
AMHA , AMHR, NMPRS, DNA getest, Parentage Qualified
Uno Apollo x Abrias Signature Melody

Abrias Innovative Answer 


Abrias Innovative Answer Face


Abrias Innovative Answer back


Abrias Innovative Answer grass



Haar veulens:
2014: SSF Suchabuck Gotta Have Faith (by Silver Plates Baccarra Couragio)
Faith mature
2015: SSF Velvetbucks Riyahn (by Libertymeres Velvet Buckeroo)
Riyahn web g
2016: SSF a Red Rose to Remember (by Fallen Ash Scouts Red to Remember)
 Roos pad
2017: SSF Velvetbucks Leola (by Libertymeres Velvet Buckeroo)
Leola for web
2018: SSF Velvetbucks Pharaoh (by Libertymeres Velvet Buckeroo)
Pharaoh 0609
2019: SSF Velvetbucks Boy oh Boy (by Libertymeres Velvet Buckeroo) 
Boy NMPRS HK 2022
2020: SSF Velvetbucks Guero (by Libertymeres Velvet Buckeroo) 
Guero for web