Oak Bay Salsas Silverado

28 mei 2013 - Silver Dapple Hengst
AMHA , AMHR, NMPRS, DNA getest, Parentage Qualified
Oak Bay Salsamio x Buttonwillows Lunar Eclipse

NMPRS Super Ster

Chevy Laurence a

 Chevy's showresultaten zijn een droom:

2013 AMHA World Champion Weanling Stallion 26" & Under
2014 AMHA Regional Champion Yearling Stallion
2014 AMHR National Champion
2014 AMHA Reserve World Champion
2014 Reserve World Champion Get of Sire for Chevy's sire Oak Bay Salsamio
(Chevy was one of the 3 stallions representing his sire)
2015 SUPREME Champion
2015 Multiple GRAND Champion Stallion
2015 AMHA Eastern Regional Champion 2 Year Old Stallion 29" & Under
2017 NMPRS Kampioen Minimaat Luxe
2018 NMPRS Super Ster
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