SSF Chevys Chili - Sold to Belgium!

SSF Luxors Gift to Keepsake x Oak Bay Salsas Silverado

Chili baby groot

SSF Chevys Topo - not for sale at this moment...

SSF Remie Blonde at the Bar x Oak Bay Salsas Silverado

Topo baby

SSF Velvetbucks Pablo - Sold to Spain!

HT Amaze Mi Sawari  x Libertymeres Velvet Buckeroo

 Pablo baby 

SSF Suchabuck Firefly - not for sale at this moment...

CD Kryptonites Safe Have x Silver Plates Baccarra Couragio

Firefly crop 

SSF Velvetbucks Boy oh Boy - For sale!

Abrias Innovative Answer x Libertymeres Velvet Buckeroo

Boy oh Boy crop