Expected in 2020: 

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Oak Bay Salsas Silverado: 

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Silver Plates Baccarra Songbird: early March: March 4, 2020: SSF Chevys Here Comes Trouble 

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SSF Luxors Gift to Keepsake: May 14, 2020: SSF Chevys Shiloh

SSF Remi Blonde at the Bar: June, 19, 2020: SSF Chevys Havanna

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Silver Plates Baccarra Couragio:

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Ericas Shez a Rebel at Heart: January 24, 2020: SSF Couragio's Legacy

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CD Kryptonites Safe Haven: May 6, 2020: SSF Suchabuck Paloma

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Libertymeres Velvet Buckeroo:

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HT Amaze Mi Sawari: May 23, 2020: SSF Velvetbucks Ariel

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Abrias Innovative Answer: July 12, 2020: SSF Velvetbucks Guero 

Abrias Innovative Answer